The Farmer’s Daughter Market is more than a great place to grab a bite to eat. Our heritage is not only about great food and friendly service but also being part of the community. It’s not just the right thing to do…it’s good business.

National Outreach

The Farmer’s Daughter Market Franchise Corporation’s community giving programs have been geared toward advancing growth through outreach and fund raising to organizations in Oklahoma and keeping it local.

Support From The Farmer’s Daughter Market

The Farmer’s Daughter Market believes in giving back to the communities that have helped make us successful. As a company that was founded in the great state of Oklahoma, giving from our Tecumseh support center is concentrated on Oklahoma-based 501 (c)(3) non profit organizations. We recognize there are many worthy causes performing important work in our community. Unfortunately, we are unable to support every good cause and have elected to make the greatest impact by being very focused on efforts that support educational opportunities for youth and ederly between the ages of 4-22 | 55 & up within the state of Oklahoma.

Efforts We Are Unable To Support

While The Farmer’s Daughter Market values all who are engaged in volunteerism and quality of life issues across the United States, we are unfortunately not able to fund all requests. From our Tecumseh support center, The Farmer’s Daughter Market does not consider cash donations to:

  • Organizations outside the state of Oklahoma

  • Individuals

  • Private preschool, primary and secondary educational institutions

  • Dinners, luncheons or other forms of indirect support

  • Private foundations

  • Sporting events, including golf tournaments

  • Political parties or candidates

  • Sectarian, denominational or religious causes/organizations/events

  • Special interest groups such as labor organizations

If your request falls into any of these categories, please contact The Farmer’s Daughter Market Franchise Corporation.

The Farmer’s Daughter Market Food Donations

Due to our focus on quality foods, The Farmer’s Daughter Market does not make donations of food.